Donate today to help our low-income and homeless neighbors achieve housing stability and self-sufficiency. image

Donate today to help our low-income and homeless neighbors achieve housing stability and self-sufficiency.

Impact hundreds of working individuals and families!

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Many of our clients are one paycheck away from losing their home, car, their footing. Though fully employed, often with more than one job, they cannot afford the basic cost of living in Howard County. By donating to Bridges, you will provide an opportunity for stability to a family like Mark’s.

“For someone with nothing, someone who is not able to get on their feet, sometimes all you need to get out of that hole is opportunity.” – Mark, Bridges Alliance tenant

According to United Way of Central Maryland, over 23,600 local households earn more than the federal poverty level but less than the basic cost of living in Howard County. This means having no savings for emergencies that arise. These households easily become rent burdened, paying more than 30% of their income for housing, and their income is too high to qualify for public housing assistance.

These working families have recurring difficulties affording necessities such as food, medical care, transportation, clothing, and are at risk for eviction. Families with children may struggle more as they also have the added expense of childcare, which costs roughly $12,000 a year for a young child.

Whether resolving or preventing homelessness, Bridges’ work has gone beyond crisis intervention for 29 years. We work shoulder to shoulder to focus on long-term housing stability for our clients. We believe that everyone deserves a home as well as an environment of safety and security for their loved ones. We are honored to provide this support to our hard-working households on their journey to self-sufficiency.

“With Bridges help, I was able to get into that apartment apprenticeship and as a result I will be able to provide a stable and nice life for myself, my family and others.” - Anthony

  • Last year, Bridges served 687 individuals in Howard County and rehoused 119 households in stable affordable housing.
  • Our housing programs and case management services assisted 155 working families to find or maintain affordable rental housing, many of whom are working two or more jobs to make ends meet.
  • 88% of the families Bridges serves are employed. This year, our Employment Retention Specialist has helped 77 individuals to increase their employment income, which is a crucial piece in helping low-income households to gain stability.A previous client recently told us, “Owning a home has always been important to me. This program helped make it happen in spite of difficult times.”
  • Created in 2014, our affordable housing program, Alliance, now provides income-based rental housing for 40 low-income working families who are paying, on average, 40% less than market rents in Howard County.

The cost of living in Howard County is 46% higher than the national average. Please help us to maintain those in our care while we continue to help more working individuals and families in Howard County!

Your donation will:

  • Assist with transportation to work or work clothing for an employed homeless individual;
  • Cover the cost of obtaining a birth certificate or I.D. needed for a housing application and school registration;
  • Help a parent who is moving into their new home purchase a bed for their child;
  • Assist with moving expenses for a family being rehoused; or
  • Support a family in need with household necessities such as cleaning supplies and toiletry items.
  • Provide emergency eviction funds to prevent a household from becoming homeless,
  • Help a working low-income individual pay their rent for up to 5 months,
  • Ensure that a family being rehoused has furniture in their new home,
  • Assist a parent seeking employment to complete a certification or training program, or
  • Cover the security deposit for a single working mother with no savings.

Join us as we continue to promote stability in the lives of our hard-working neighbors to overcome the stress of living paycheck to paycheck and achieve true stability and self-sufficiency.

“Without a home to call my own, I wouldn’t have been reunited with my daughter after drug treatment. It was heartbreaking to leave after visiting her at a relative’s place. I can’t thank Bridges enough for helping me find a stable home to begin fully rebuilding our bond.”—Terri, Housing Connections client

By donating to Bridges, you will have a part in moving families like Terri’s from uncertainty to stability. Thank you.