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Every One Should Have A Home

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Every One Should Have A Home

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This past summer, Grace (not her real name) traveled to Howard County seeking a better life for her two children. She heard that it was a great place to raise a family and they would benefit from a quality education and a rich cultural experience.

However, she struggled upon arrival. Finding a permanent place to live with limited savings and no employment opportunity was a major obstacle.

Grace found a hotel room and although she started working shortly after she arrived, the money she made only provided enough to feed her family and pay for public transportation to her job.

Her savings soon ran out. She grew increasingly concerned as she was faced with not being able to pay for the room and knew that the upcoming chill of fall and winter months required that her family have a stable roof over their heads. After sharing her concerns with a co-worker, she was referred to BRIDGES to Housing Stability for support! Grace contacted BRIDGES and was assigned a Housing Advocate who was able to find her affordable housing and resources to help pay for her move in expenses.

There are many more people like Grace that reach out to BRIDGES daily. At BRIDGES our goal is to be sure that every one has a home!

Today, we are asking you to help us help people like Grace. Your contribution will ensure that when we receive calls for support to help find or keep housing, that we are able to respond so that no child, mother or father will have to worry that they have no home!

Your contribution of:

  • $25 can help maintain affordable housing for those who qualify so they have a safe, clean place to raise their families.
  • $50 can help provide individuals with a housing advocate to turn a housing crisis into stable housing with eviction prevention, health management and financial counseling.
  • $100 can give families a fresh start by helping offset fees required to move in to stable housing.
  • $250 can help provide case management services to remove barriers and secure stable housing for individuals and families who live below the poverty line.

Every dollar you contribute before the end of the year will make a difference in Howard County. When we all care and contribute, the entire community benefits.

Thank you so much for your consideration and for your continued support!


Jennifer Broderick

Executive Director

BRIDGES to Housing Stability